Burlap and Ribbon Candle Wraps — no sewing required

I promised yesterday when I made the burlap and ribbon pillows that I would do something similar with no sewing.  So here ya are….candle wraps…
Now believe it or not…those candle holders used to look like this….
Some black spray paint fixed them right up….better eh? 
Now for those candle wraps.  You will need some burlap and ribbon.  Cut your burlap to the height of your candle and enough length to go almost all the way around the candle.
I removed a few strings all the way around the cut edge to give it a shabby look.
Then remove enough strings for the width of your ribbon just like yesterday.  I did two rows.
Use that safety pin to help you again and thread your ribbon through.
Wrap them around the candle and tie em up.  You can turn them this way…
….or that way….
I like this way better but it is up to you.  How is that for a no sew project? 
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  1. says

    Sooooo cute…I have been going a little crazy around here with burlap. I just luv your pillows that you made…what a neat idea with the ribbon:)


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