Do you notebook? Organizing, planning, and getting it together

I painstakingly got all my kid’s clothes together, priced them, and took them to a consignment sale.  Then after the sale was over…I FORGOT to pick up the check.  Yes they had to call me.  What an unorganized airhead…  So when I saw this post from Life as Mom…it was like my world was complete.  Yep I made my own household notebook.

The beauty of her system is you can customize it for you.  I custom bound mine because I can do that at work for free.  But a spiral or 3 ring will work out just fine.  I am in organizing heaven y’all.  Ready to not be known as the town airhead… 
I use mine for family, blog, and menu planning.
So do you notebook?  Tell me about yours and how it works for you?  Maybe you just wish you had one…tell me about that too! 
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    I do notebook! This year was my first, because like you, I was always forgetting things! I bought a cheap day planner type notebook and it stays on my counter at all times, it has everything in it! I just better not ever lose it or I will be in trouble! Thanks for sharing the link,I’m gonna check it out!

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    I notebook on a smaller level – small day planner, but it holds everything minus menu plans. Every time I set out a menu for the week, it is changed drastically. So now I just go with the flow for dinners, which I guess is ok since it’s just hubby and me :)

    ~Emily N. from “too Blessed to Stress”

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    Yes, you could say I am a planner :-) I have separate planners for Home Management, Meals (includes recipes and menu ideas), Finances, and Holidays. I use 3-ring binders because I like to feel like I can remove unnecessary pages and load it with new pages. For my business, I love Mead’s Notebinder. It is part notebook, part binder.


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