Day in the Life — Senior Homecoming

I thought I would occasionally give you a glimpse into my life.  I have seen other blogs doing this and I always think those posts are interesting.  Plus there is always something going on at my house…isn’t that true for everyone?? 
So if y’all don’t know it my oldest is a Senior in high school…gasp…  (And yes I feel OLD!!)  This week is homecoming week.  And when you oldest daughter asks if you want to go to Hobby Lobby…you say yes!!  So we went and got all of the supplies for some wild outfits this week!  I have a picture of Monday’s already and I thought I would share…

Monday was “color” day and seniors were orange.  You know you are having fun when you make your 17 year old an orange tu-tu!!  Seniors also wear crowns all week.  The crowns are homemade and reflect their personality.  The crown was completely her design I just helped with the hot glue.  Yes there are now pink feathers ALL OVER my house.  You cannot sweep pink feathers in case you are wondering.  They just fly through the air!!  Another shocker moment for me…y’all they make SPRAY paint for clothes!!  Awesome-ness!!  We used it for her t-shirt and it turned out amazing.  Much easier then tie-dye.  I just hope she has fun this week…and by the picture I think she will don’t you?? 
I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my life! 
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    How fun!! They do grow up fast, my daughter is 29 already! I can barely believe she has graduated college and been on her own for years now. Your trip to Hobby Lobby and all the crazy outfits you guys made together will no doubt be special memories for you both! Thanks for sharing:)

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