Jumping on the Google Plus bandwagon

I have jumped on the google plus bandwagon.  So now you can head on over and follow me on google plus.  I know, I know…..who needs ANOTHER thing to take up time in their day?  But if you will notice, your google search is probably looking a little different these days.  Posts on google plus from your “friends” or those you follow appear before other items.  Posts that get a “+1″ are also getting higher up in searches.  So it was time for me to join up.  Do you need help setting up google plus and understanding it?  Lucky for you I found a great series that will walk you through the steps!

Head on over to Colleen’s blog and start with part 1.  She will walk you through everything you need to know about google plus!  I hope to “see” y’all over there!
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