My Easter Addiction and my worst mom ever story

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It comes around this time every year.  My addiction.  In every store.  Taunting me.  It is those darn Reese’s eggs.  They are hands down the best candy ever.  So when I went to Blissdom last month, there was a big bunny there handing out the eggs.  {Make me go weak in the knees!}  Let’s not talk about how many times I walked by the bunny m’kay.  I can thank them for feeding my addiction by hopping on the Hershey’s bunny trail

The Hershey’s bunny trial is an opportunity for bloggers that went to Blissdom to talk about their Easter memories and get featured over on the Hershey’s blog.  Since I may or may not have nabbed too many eggs filled with chocolate peanut butter goodness, I figured I might ought to join in.  
When I think of Easter, my head fills with all of the Easters I have spent with my kids.  My oldest is 17 so that is a lot of Easter memories.  Each year we hunt the eggs that the Easter bunny has left in the yard.  They each get a basket with a present in it.  Plus there is usually some Reese’s eggs in each child’s basket.  You know most of them.  Or some of them.  You never know how many the Easter bunny eats on his way to our house.  That Easter bunny has a tough job.  
I will pick one memory for you.  Might even get me the worst mom award.  The year I FORGOT.  Forgot to hide the eggs y’all.  I woke up and my daughter was already awake.  Panic attack.  But it was raining, sooooo the Easter bunny did not want to leave the eggs out in the rain.  That silly bunny hid them in the walk in closet.  They might LOOK like they were thrown around in a panic, but I am sure it was supposed to be that way.  Or that is what she thought.  Maybe.  Kind of.  I think it worked.  Since I only forgot one year out of 17, surely I did not scar her for life.  Right?  I have not forgotten since.  I think it might have scarred ME for life.
Head on over and read some other stories from the Blissdom bloggers!  Feel free to tell me a point in your life when you forgot something important like this.  Feel free to tell me your kids turned out fine.  And if they didn’t…yeah…I don’t want to know.
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    Those eggs are perfection. Just right combination of chocolate and peanut butter. My weakness. I am glad I didn’t go to Blissdom…I would have gained 10 pounds. (but it would have been worth it!) Lisa~

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    Thanks for sharing your story! Kind of funny to read it on the day I’m pulling the house apart, trying to remember where I hid the four big, solid chocolate bunnies I purchased for Easter baskets . . . where are they??

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    Angie, seriously that was hysterical!!! Yeah those Reese’s eggs are yummy!!! I guess we all have our Mommie moments. Mine? How about drinking your morning coffee trying to wake up and in walks a sad, little boy rubbing his eyes and says “the Tooth Fairy forgot me!” YIKES! PANIC!!! Quick dash to the purse all the while trying to act nonchalant and telling him “Oh, honey! I’m sure she didn’t. You just didn’t look good enough. Then toss the money between the bed and wall and say “Look there it i! It just fell out while you were sleeping!” 3 children grown, none in jail, appear to be normal ! ;-)

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    Thank goodness we don’t do eggs. It’s not such a big thing here. The kids’ grandparents buy them chocolates – that’s about it. However, once or twice I have forgotten to remove the tooth from under the pillow. One time I left it there for 2 days before I remembered! We’re not perfect.

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