Dressing for Summer plus a GIVEAWAY

A time out for a minute from Teacher Appreciation Week.  I love to help out mom businesses with my blog and have been asked to help promote a product that was invented by a mom for moms.  Gotta love that right?  So let’s talk a little about dressing for summer.  We all love those new cute tank tops.  But let’s face it…the bra strap hanging out is not a good look for us moms.  Strap Tamers to the rescue….

Strap Tamers® consist of a clip (to hold the bra strap) and pin which is fastened to the inside shoulder seam of a garment.  The best part for me….they can be left in the garment and washed!  When you go to wear that same shirt again, they will be there ready for use.  Now that to me was amazing.  Using the product was a breeze and I was very pleased with how they worked.  Once I read that I did not have to take them out every time….I was sold.  I love these for not only tank tops but also keeping my straps hidden on certain shirts that like to move around on me.  Frankly, though I should have let my teen write this review.  She is the tank top wearer of the family and I think I am going to have to get another pack of these ASAP.  A seriously great product that actually works as advertised. 

 So would you like to win this product plus many more?  Mompact is hosting a giveaway.  Enter using the rafflecopter below.  They will provide rules and a winner.
I was sent product for free in conjunction with this review/giveaway.  All opinions are my own.
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