A Day in the Life — Prom Night

Proud momma break!  It was senior prom this weekend.  I sent my little baby girl off to her last high school prom!

For those that are interested — her dress was from Tony Bowls and purchased from Promgirl.net.  Jewelry is mostly from Chiky on etsy.  Shoes are from Shoe Carnival. 

There is something so surreal about seeing your little girl all grown up and going out on the town.  Knowing I have two more weeks until I bawl like a baby at her graduation.  Then only a few short months before we will be moving her into a dorm room.  It is such a happy and exciting time yet sad at the same time.  I know all you mommas out there can commiserate with me.   I am taking today to pout a bit on the inside but to tell y’all how proud I am also.  She looked wonderful and had a great time!

Love my baby girl!
~Thanks for stopping by!~
~This proud proud mom~


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