Photography Basics Ebook Giveaway — Say NO to Auto

The lovely Kristen Duke sent me her ebook to review plus THREE copies to giveaway to y’all!  Excellent right?  First of all some confessions from me:
  • Every photo on this blog is altered in a computer program.  Until today — all pictures on this post are completely unedited for your viewing pleasure. 
  • I have had my DSLR over a year and while I shoot most pics in “manual” mode, the ISO has always been in auto.
  • I realized from Kristen’s book that this was my very first mistake and everything else was set wrong because of it.   

So after a year, it is high time I actually learn how to USE my camera.  Are y’all with me?  Are you ready to say NO to auto and get better pictures?  No matter if you have a blog or just want to take better pictures of your kids, I am convinced this book with help you.  I received my copy and printed it out.  The book is conveniently sized at 4 x 6 so that it can be put in your camera bag.  I did not have a ring to keep the pages together so I actually used a piece of baker’s twine — whatever works right?

The book takes you through the three basic camera settings and explains them where anyone can understand.  I have read tons of free things online just trying to figure out what those odd words mean….ISO, F-stop, and shutter speed.  But I still really didn’t GET it.  I was shooting pictures like the one below.  Then I would alter them the best I could on my computer and post. 

Seriously, within 20 minutes of studying the book from Kristen and playing with my camera I had already improved.  Sitting in the same spot, under the same lighting conditions, I was taking photos like the one below.   Everything was clear.  Kristen breaks it down into simple steps and questions to ask yourself.  My camera was FULLY on manual and I was proud.

Now another confession that I should add to my list in the first paragraph, I have never EVER taken a picture outside in manual.  They were always washed out every single time I tried.  So I decided to put Kristen’s book to the ultimate test and head outside in manual mode.  I was shooting some Halloween costume shots (post to come in the near future).  This shot was okay.

But I knew which settings to tweak to make it even better.  Better yet I could now make those adjustments quickly without losing the interest of my subject.  So within a few more clicks, I had a picture that looked like this.

You don’t have to be a photographer to need this book.  You just have to want to take better pictures of your home, your kids, your life.  This book is basic.  Breaking down those settings and words you don’t understand into language that you get and can apply to your photos.  Best yet…it is only $10!  A well worthwhile investment!  It changed my picture taking life over a weekend.  Plus I now know the right camera lens to get in my Christmas stocking.  Here is hoping for even better pictures after the holidays!  Head on over and see what Kristen has to say about the book here.  You can make your purchase there and then enter to win a copy in the rafflecopter widget below.  Why buy and then enter to win?  Kristen will reimburse your purchase if you win and frankly y’all don’t want to wait to have gorgeous pictures of your kids! 

Enter using the rafflecopter widget below to win one of 3 copies of Kristen’s Say No to Auto ebook.  If you make a purchase of the book between now and then, Kristen will refund your purchase price.
I was given a copy of the book to review for this giveaway.  All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. says

    I have $10 burning a hole in my PayPal “pocket!” just figured out where it is going! I haven’t found anything but expensive and super detailed/long classes or ebooks to figure out how to better use my DSLR- which I’ve been using in auto for almost a year *hanging head in shame*

    I use my camera to take pictures of my kiddos and for blog posts and I know I need to improve for both!!! Especially for taking pics of my girlies!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Think I’ll be buying it anyways and go for the reimbursement if I win! So tired of bad pics!!

  2. says

    I want to learn how to use natural light better. I have started taking my camera off of auto, and am getting better at the Manual mode, but I am still not seeing the results I want. I would love some extra help.

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