My latest love…and a perfect gift….the Young House Love book!

So one of the blogs I am hopelessly addicted to is Young House Love.  (Warning:  clicking that link may result in hours spent in front of the computer and some serious eye candy.  Just to be up front.)   So when they published a book I actually pre-ordered it.  I was so excited to get that Amazon package last weekend.  So I spent a few days pouring over every page and every word and I am here to tell you — it is amazing.  It is the perfect give for anyone in your life that love decor, crafts, DIY, home improvement, all of the above.  So yes it is probably the perfect gift for Santa to slip into your stocking.  Let’s take a closer look so I can convince y’all.

So I am going to wing the description on the book cause Amazon doesn’t even do it justice.  You will get 243 ideas for your home.  Everything from tips and tricks on painting kitchen cabinets to short 5 minute craft projects to give your house some handmade flair.  Each idea has a number and most have step by step instructions with tips.

Plus tons of eye candy in the after pictures to make you want to jump off of your couch and get started right away.  This is a roll of gift wrap y’all.  Amazing right?

Each project includes a budget breakdown, time estimate, and a level of difficulty.  So you know what you are getting into before you even start one of the projects.  Almost every picture in the book is taken in John and Sherry’s own home.  I really love that.  It is sort of a grassroots approach to writing a DIY book.  To really DIY the projects and photograph them in your own home.  Love it!

There are also illustrations throughout with even more ideas, tips, tricks, you name it.

Some of your favorite bloggers also submitted guest projects in the book.  I won’t spoil the surprises for you but I thought it was awesome to include some other bloggers in the book project!  Oh and the headboard below y’all — made from two Ikea tables….love!

So this is my personal endorsement.  I bought the book myself.  I was not paid or perked in anyway for this post.  I just truly love this book and I really feel like you will as well.  It is well worth the $17.13 price tag from Amazon right now.  You will not be disappointed!  So show yourself some love…stuff your stocking with Young House Love!
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    Thanks for sharing, I’ve been dying to get a peek! I can’t wait to get my book (I was a little late in ordering it, I guess). I’m your newest follower by the way, love your blog :)

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