We have puppies!

Ah life on the farm!  It means once or twice a year there are cute puppies running around!  I had to snap some pictures for y’all.

We raise blue heeler puppies.  They are also known as an Austrailian cow dog.  They are wonderful farm animals and we have had one as long as we have owned a home.

The cuteness is just too much right?  So this time I am trying to convince hubby to keep these two little guys and not breed anymore.  Fingers crossed y’all.  (FYI — heelers have small litters most of the time and this time we are blessed with just two boys.)  

They are getting into that wild puppy stage and these are the four presentable pictures out of about 50.  These boys can move!  I hope y’all enjoyed this little glimpse into our farm life.



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    Oh! Oh! OOOoooh! I had an awesome Australian cattle dog. I found him at the Humane Society. No one knew what he was and kept passing him by. Poor baby had a cast over his broken leg. I snapped Bandit up and kept him for 12 wonderful years. He was the smartest dog I have ever known!

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