2012 Resolution UPDATE

Time to hole myself accountable and see how I did on my resolutions from last year.  Tune in as I give my 2013 resolutions in a bit!  So here are my 2012 resolutions and a little update for each one.

  • Give the blog a facelift — yes I just did a little work around here.  But I find myself craving a little something different, cleaner, etc.  Since my 2 year blogiversary is next week, I think I deserve it!
    I gave me blog a HUGE change in 2012.  Loving my new look and so glad I stuck with this resolution.  
  • Better pictures — I got a camera for Christmas and I need to learn how to use it!
    I think there is always room to learn when it comes to photography.  But I have come a long way in a year.  
  • Get organized — yes this one always makes my list.  Last year I did get more organized so here is hoping I can top it this year!
    I actually have become more organized in quite a few areas of my life.  I am going to call this one a success.  
  • Eat Healthy — another one that I always add.  Again I have made some steps in the right direction but I need to keep the momentum going.
    I took a few more steps in the right direction.  I could have used three or four more strides in that direction however.
  • Get my senior through high school and on to college!  Oh yes it happens for me this year…my oldest is going to graduate!  There is tons to do and plenty to blog about.  I am positive I am going to cry.  But we will make it through!
    Done and done.  Complete success….and very few tears from mom!
  • Interior facelift — of course this is where the blog stuff happens!  I still have plenty more to work on.  More living room projects.  The kitchen could definitely use a little facelift.  Plus much more!  Y’all stay tuned and don’t miss a minute…
    The living room is really coming along.  It is so close to being the room that is in my head.  
How well did you do on your 2012 resolutions?  Spill the beans.  Did you have any successes?  Failures?



  1. says

    I try to not make any resolutions, because I am terrible at following through.. :) Kinda like when you say you are going on a diet, and then blow it in a day…LOL…so this girl stays aways from resolutions. Good luck with yours. Happy New Year

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