Pom Pom Tree with Kids

Many bloggers have chosen not to blog due to the recent tragedy that rocked our nation.  I am going to instead put up some fun projects to do WITH your kids.  Hug them tighter.  Spend tons of time with them.  Be grateful for what you have.  Pray for those that have lost.  Donate if you are able.  Above all keep living — your own children still need you.  My thoughts are constantly in Connecticut but I am here.  My kids need a break from the news.  I have used a few projects as our escape.  I hope y’all can find your peace with the recent events.
Yesterday I shared my bottle cap reindeer ornaments and today I am back with yet another craft that is super simple for kids.  My pom pom tree will keep the kids busy while you cook or wrap gifts.  Or you can sit down and share in some crafty time with your little ones.  

pom pom tree with kids

Start with a foam cone and let them paint it green.  This is the fun part.  Lay down some newspaper and let them get messy!  Allow the cone to dry.  

pom pom tree with kids

Then let them randomly glue on pom poms.  A little or a lot — they can decide!  Use a portion of a paper towel or toilet paper roll for the trunk.  Then we found a star in my craft stash.  We used glue and glitter to make it shine.  I used a toothpick to add it on top.

pom pom tree with kids

A perfect decoration for your home or allow the kids to decorate their room with their creations.  Enjoy this craft and the little ones you are crafting with this holiday season.


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    My daughter would love to make these adorable trees. Most importantly you made me feel a little peace today. I was silent on Friday and Saturday to reflect and deal with it all. Now I need to make things “normal” for my child. What a nice gift you have given me today. I saw your trees on Google + and am so glad I clicked over to your blog.

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    I wanted to tell you that I used your idea for rolling cereal box cardboard to form a cone for a tree base. While I loved your feather tree, I felt sure it would be too tempting for our cat, so I decorated my trees with buttons. Time consuming, but what a lovely result! Being house bound at the moment, your idea of using the cardboard that I already had meant I could enjoy some Christmas crafting without having to get out to buy supplies. Thanks!
    On a serious note, please know that we, along with so many around the world are thinking of your country and its families and schools and wishing you all healing. and peace.


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