Photography Ebook Review

I have had my DSLR camera for over a year now.  I have learned so much about the settings and how to take better pictures from Kristen Duke.  She has two ebooks that have really knocked my photography to the next level.  I thought some of you might have gotten that coveted DSLR for Christmas and now don’t know what to do with it.  First thing you need to do is to read my review for Kristen’s beginner book Say No To Auto.  In my opinion, that is THE book to understanding your manual camera settings.  The next book from Kristen is Get Focused.

It is the next step after her first book.  Kristen recently gave me a copy to review.  I really think she has done it again!  I must confess that I would just point my camera at whatever I was photographing and snap away.  Did y’all know that a DSLR has focal points?  Yes you can set it to focus at different areas of the lens.  The second book from Kristen Duke helped me explore the focus options of my camera and learn how to USE them.  Plus the beginning of the book has a phenomenal lens explanation.  If you are looking to purchase more lenses for your DSLR, Kristen will help you there as well.  Between the two books, I feel that I can take my blog photography to the next level.  I hope you all will stick around and find out if I succeed!  Oh and if you are looking to learn more about photography and your own DSLR camera, Kristen’s books are seriously the only thing that worked for me.  I tried a variety of free online content but the lessons never made sense to me.  The books from Kristen Duke finally made my camera and my photography …well …click!


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