Come Along to the Thrift Store!

For a couple of weeks now I have been taking my followers on instagram on a thrift store shop with me once a week.  Sometimes I take shots of odd finds, other times I take shots of the things I buy.  I have been having fun with it.  So earlier this week I sent out an instagram with this cryptic picture.  

What in the world am I doing at the thrift store with $20?  I am participating in the (completely unofficial) Macklemore Thrift Shop Challenge over at Young House Love.  Say what?  Okay summary in just a few words for ya:  apparently there is a rap song called Thrift Shop (that I had never heard) so John and Sherry threw out a Thrift Shop Challenge.  I will just get into the steps below.  If you are totally curious (or want to hear the song for yourself), head on over to YHL for the full explanation.  Step one is to take a picture of yourself at the thrift store with “$20 in your pocket”.  If the instagram above does not satisfy your need of an embarrassing picture of me oh I have more!  

Yippee!  Let’s get this party started!  I needed a partner in crime for this mission so I recruited Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage to be my official Thrift Shop Challenge Photogragher.  It was an honor I am sure.  :)  She of course couldn’t resist shopping with me.  

Yes that is one HUGE thrift store!  We are lucky enough to have it close by.  However it is hit or miss like any thrift store.  You might laugh at my “haul” cause it is pitiful.  But I took lots of pictures shopping of weird finds.  Do y’all love weird thrift store items as much as I do?  

Apparently chevron is not a new trend cause this plastic cup courtesy of the 1970s is sporting the look.  If you ever need a paper cake on a plate, there is one in Tennessee.  Plus no home is complete without a bear riding a wooden horse don’t you think?  I will show y’all what I bought on this trip in just a second.  First, part of the YHL challenge is to find items that are in the Macklemore song.  

I ended up finding a velour jumpsuit, luggage, shoes with velcro, and clothing with fringe.  But John and Sherry specifically said they would give you bonus points for doing something funny with the item from the song.  So yes I had to come up with something.  Embarrassing photo…check.

What I will do for YHL y’all.  I rocked those house slippers like nobody’s business!  Plus you can even see my thrift store “haul” in my hands.  Yes one thing.  That is all I found.  

It is even something practical and not fun!  But you can’t beat a spring form pan for $1.  Many thanks to YHL for hosting this challenge.  It was so much fun!  If you want to see thrift store shopping pictures from me regularly, follow me on instagram plus I always use #thriftstorestalking when posting.  Maybe next week I will even find something to buy.      
Linking up to Young House Love!  


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    What funny little finds!!! I’m not sure which I like better, the paper cake or the bear on the rocking horse. Thanks for sharing, it looks like you all had fun.

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