A day of fun at Bella Rustica 2013

Last week at this time I was shopping for vintage treasures and hanging with fun blogger peeps at Bella Rustica 2013.  We had a meet up of some great Tennessee bloggers that Hometalk helped us organize.  I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of our meeting and of course some pictures of the eye candy that is Bella Rustica.    



We arrived on a hot Saturday morning to a beautiful farm in Lebanon, TN.  





My great friend Deneen from Dreaming in Color had her sign proudly displayed out front.  Yea I took a picture and totally bombed it with my finger….gah.

One of the first booths when we walked in had this great hand painted sign that I fell in love with immediately.  Y’all see why right?


I also fell in love with some towels that had vintage graphics on them.  This one with Tennessee on it was calling my name but I just didn’t NEED it.



There were painted mason jars of all sizes and colors.  I thought these first aid versions were fun.



 The eye candy was everywhere with lots of vendors having vintage goodies that were amazing to look at.



 I might just be kicking myself for not walking away with some of these vintage trays and crates.  Aren’t they dreamy?


There was also tons of inspiration for a DIY lover like me.  So while I only walked away with a few small treasures, inspiration has struck for even more projects around here.



After we were all too hot to breath, we snuck on over for some AC and bonding over a late lunch.




From left to right we have:
Tilina and hubby from No Bull Vintage
Michele from The Scrap Shoppe
Jacque and Matt from The DIY Village
Deneen and friend from Dreaming in Color
I also met the following wonderful ladies at Bella but they could not join us for lunch:


All in all it was a wonderful day and I hope to hang with all of these ladies again!


  1. says

    Aww love it Angie! The picture of me and my sign is great! It was perfect putting your finger there to hide my belly LOL! I had so much fun with you and everyone there. Wish you lived closer so I could see you more.

  2. says

    Now see I had to miss another great sale I could have gotten to if we still lived in KY. We lived north east of Bowling Green so could get to TN pretty quickly. We used to go down to River Gate to the JoAnn’s Etc. Loved that store. We found a few other stores we loved to shop at also. Not that Bowling Green didn’t have it’s share of great stores but there’s always that allure of the unknown.
    Loved that jar sign of Deneen’s, awesome job painting that jar.
    Hope you’re having a great holiday weekend.

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