Dr. Seuss Crafts Day 5

 I am wrapping up Craft Lightning today with the Dr. Seuss Crafts from day 5.  Stay tuned and tomorrow I will wrap up the entire series for you.  Can’t wait?  Check out the round ups from day 1, day 2, day 3, and day 4.  Or you can find them all and more on our Dr. Seuss Pinterest board.
Kicking off today we have a fun printable Dr. Seuss matching game from Carissa Miss.  Such a fun idea for those with little kids. 

Up next we have some adorable Horton flower pots from Suburble.  This is such a fun project to complete with your kids anytime of the year.


Pet Scribbles made some adorable Truffula Tree cupcake toppers with things she found at the dollar store.  Head on over to see what she used. 



Our last linky party feature is this Green Eggs and Ham Egg Hunt from ObSeussed.  This is a super fun idea to do with a classroom full of kids.



My partner for this series 30 Minute Crafts is a Duck Tape genius!  And she made this entire Cat in the Hat Hat out of Duck Tape!



In case you missed it, I shared some free printable Dr. Seuss coloring pages this morning.  I like these because they are good for adults or kids.



Stay tuned as tomorrow I will round up this entire series for you and share all of the Dr. Seuss crafts from this week.



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