Glass Buoy Vase Filler Knock Off

 I love glass buoys.  I have wanted some for forever.  So when I saw a glass buoy vase filler in the Pottery Barn catalog I knew it was destiny.  That is until I saw the price.  Surely there is a way to knock this off for less?  Oh yes.  There is.  This tutorial was originally posted over at Crafts Unleashed as part of my design team status.  I am compensated for my participation however all projects and opinions are my own.

Glass Buoy Vase Filler Knock Off -- learn how to make your own version of the popular Pottery Barn item in just a few minutes.  

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Quick and Easy Nautical Art

 I have a super quick and easy project for you today.  This nautical art is perfect for bathrooms, beach houses, or any beach themed room that you have in your home.  This one was first posted over at Buttons Galore and More last year but I am reposting it here because it still looks lovely in my bathroom!  Grab those starfish and get crafty.

 Nautical Art -- a quick and easy way to make beach themed art for your home.  Click to get the full instructions.

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Nautical Themed Bathroom Design

I am finally ready to reveal my nautical themed bathroom design.  This post has a ton of pictures so sit back and enjoy the eye candy.  Grab a few ideas for your own beach themed bathroom as well.  I have been working on this one for a few weeks now and I must say I am super proud of the results.  Do you know that feeling when something turns out just like you envisioned it?  Yep this is just the way I saw this room in my head.  If you are looking for before pictures of this room, you can head on over to the post from when it was a for the love of books bathroom.  The kids are getting older now however and it was time for a change.  

Nautical Themed Bathroom Design -- an elegant yet fun spin on the beach theme for a bathroom.


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Finding a Bathroom Cabinet

If you have been around here anytime at all, you know that I have been working on my upstairs bathroom. The next step is finding a bathroom cabinet. Boy that sounds like an easy task right? Well it was a challenge to find exactly the right piece of furniture for the space. But I have done it! Thanks to Sauder – my bathroom has a cabinet.

Finding a bathroom cabinet -- shopping for and finding the perfect bathroom cabinet -- even if it turns out to be a bookshelf!

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How to Sew Curtains

 If you can sew a straight line then you can learn how to sew curtains.  They really are that simple.  I have already showed you how to sew a simple valance and now it is time for some full length drapes.  I am continuing on in the upstairs bathroom and I hope to have a reveal for y’all soon.  For now lets learn how to sew curtains the easy way!
 How to Sew Curtains -- a tutorial for sewing long straight line drapes for your home.

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Wicker Makeover with Paint

 Earlier this week I showed you how I have been painting a claw foot tub.  Now I am going to give you another sneak peek into a paint project for my bathroom.  A wicker bench that I have given a makeover with paint.  A little light paint on wicker gives it a almost rustic beachy appearance that I thought would go perfectly with the vibe I am going for in this room.  This is just the start of the projects for this room so y’all stay tuned for more bathroom projects and a final reveal soon.  This post on painting wicker is part of my design team status with DecoArt however all projects and opinions are my own.

Wicker Makeover with paint -- add paint to wicker to give it a fun new look that will fit in with your home.  See how this bench looked before and after the paint treatment. 

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Painting a Claw Foot Tub

 I have been working on painting a claw foot tub and the results make my heart sing.  This is the first step in a bathroom makeover that I hope you all are going to love.  Step one was to paint the monster in the room.  I did some research and painting a claw foot tub is surprisingly easy.  And I have been scared all of these years!  This post is in conjunction with DecoArt and was compensated however all projects and opinions are my own.

    Painting a Claw Foot Tub -- ever wondered how to paint your claw foot tub?  Here are the answers!   

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Summer Utensil Caddy 3 Ways

 Are you throwing any parties this summer?  Get my ideas on how to decorate a summer utensil caddy three ways.  Turn a simple utensil caddy into part of the party decor with my super simple ideas.  The best part?  All of my ideas are not permanent so your utensil caddy can be re-used again and again.

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Sea Glass Mason Jar

 This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Krazy Glue for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have an amazing summer craft for you today.  My sea glass mason jar is gorgeous and super easy to make.  Put that collection of sea glass from the beach to good use by making one or more of these gorgeous candle holders.  The bonus part of this project is that you don’t have to caulk or grout anything!  Plus I am going to show you how to bond all of this without the candle melting any hot glue.  How you ask?  Read on to find out.

sea glass mason jar

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Sea Glass Monogram

Come on in and learn how to make your own sea glass monogram.  This one was originally posted over at Everything Etsy but I thought y’all might have missed it.  This week is Craft Lightning week and if you have missed any of the fun be sure to head over to the features for day 1day 2, day 3, and day 4. What is Craft Lightning?  I join up with 30 Minute Crafts and we both post a craft that takes 15 minutes or less to complete each morning.  Then each afternoon we both post a round up of quick crafts from around the web.  Want a chance to be featured?  Be sure to link up to the Craft Lightning linky party.  Now lets get crafty. I grabbed my sea glass collection and got creative with this one.  My sea glass monogram will make a lovely addition to your home plus it makes is a great way to display those vacation memories.

Sea Glass Monogram -- make this monogram art with your favorite sea glass pieces.  A fun way to display your treasures.

You will need some sea glass either collected from the beach or purchased.  I also used a shadow box
as shown below.  It is already painted white and has some fabric that I added over the back.  

Sea Glass Monogram -- make this monogram art with your favorite sea glass pieces.  A fun way to display your treasures.

I used a ruler to draw my monogram since ours is so simple.  You could also print a letter from the printer and trace it onto your fabric.

Sea Glass Monogram -- make this monogram art with your favorite sea glass pieces.  A fun way to display your treasures.

Then is it sort of like working a puzzle.  Add in pieces of sea glass here and there until you have completely filled your monogram.  I layered the sea glass on top of one another for a three dimensional effect as well.  I used hot glue to attach my sea glass pieces.

Sea Glass Monogram -- make this monogram art with your favorite sea glass pieces.  A fun way to display your treasures.

Once your monogram is filled completely with sea glass, just add it to your shadowbox for a fun addition to your beach themed decor.  Don’t hide your sea glass collection away in a box.  Display it with my sea glass monogram craft.

Sea Glass Monogram -- make this monogram art with your favorite sea glass pieces.  A fun way to display your treasures.

Want another idea for that collection of sea glass?  Be sure to check out my sea glass wind chimes as well.  Maybe your collection is large enough to make those and my sea glass monogram! 
Don’t miss the features from day 1day 2 , and day 3 of Craft Lightning as well.  Stay tuned right here for the rest of the week for more quick craft inspiration.