Bathroom Remodel plus a Bath Fitter Testimonial

 I am back to share the final pictures of my bathroom remodel plus offer up a testimonial about our entire Bath Fitter experience.  The bathroom looks amazing now that we have our Bath Fitter tub installed.  You can read more about the consultation here and the actual installation here.  In one day, we went from a 1950s bathroom with no shower to a gorgeous tub and shower insert.  The Bath Fitter features we picked blend perfectly with the existing tile and allowed us to complete this bathroom remodel quickly and with less mess.  This post is sponsored by Bath Fitter, however all projects and opinions are my own.

An amazing bathroom remodel using a Bath Fitter installation.  Great ideas here on decor as well!  Plus a testimonial on what really happens with Bath Fitter.

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Get a NEW Tub in a Day with Bath Fitter

A new tub in a day?  Yes, we did it and you can too.  I told you earlier this week about getting a Bath Fitter consultation.  We decided to go for it and have our custom bathtub manufactured and installed.  I took a ton of pictures of the process as well as a time lapse video.  If you have ever considered a Bath Fitter remodel, this post is for you!  I will describe everything about the process.  Then stay tuned, because next week I will reveal the final images of this bathroom and give you my thoughts on the entire experience.  This is one series that you do not want to miss.  This post is sponsored by Bath Fitter however all opinions and statements are my own.  Psst…don’t forget that you can click here to schedule a consultation with Bath Fitter online or call (888) 985-5122.         

Get a new bathtub in a day with Bath Fitter!  See pictures of a installation and get opinions from a real client.
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Whale Painted Dresser

 I have a fabulous project for y’all today.  I transformed a plain jane dresser into something fabulous with the help of Kylon.  This whale painted dresser is going in the nursery for the new grandson!  Y’all be sure to follow along here for tons more projects that are yet to come.  This post is the second in a series of posts sponsored by Krylon however all projects and opinions are my own.

Use Krylon spray paint to create this fun whale painted dresser in just a few minutes. Click here to get the full tutorial!

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Painted Wicker Table

 I am kicking off a series of posts sponsored by Krylon today.  This painted wicker table is my first project.  I took a tired table that was on my front porch and gave it new life with just Krylon, tape and paper!  See the detailed steps below and try your hand at making this same pattern on any furniture that you would like to redo — indoors or out.


Painted Wicker Table -- add a design to wicker with spray paint with just a few supplies.  Come see the step by step instructions!

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Metallic Painted Pineapple Fruit Bowl

 Ever have one of those projects you adore?  That is the case with this metallic painted pineapple fruit bowl.  This post is sponsored by DecoArt however all opinions and projects are my own.  I am using the Americana Multi-Surface paint that is available in Michaels. Visit the DecoArt Multi-Surface website for more crafting ideas and inspiration.


Paint a wood bowl or anything else with a metallic sheen -- click here to see how!

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Make a Jewelry Organizer in Minutes for less than $5

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have a way today that you can make a jewelry organizer in minutes.  And all for less than $5!!  Want to make the gorgeous bowl in the picture below?  That will be an extra $1!!  You know you want to know the secret.  Well you must head to your local Dollar General first to pick up supplies.

Grab some plastic dollar store bowls and gold spray paint to make a jewelry organizer and more! Click to see the full details!

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Make a Gold Hanger for Pictures in Minutes!

 This is such a darn simple idea but I just love the way it turned out.  You can make a gold hanger for pictures in minutes.  Two ingredients, five minutes, and you have some stylish decor that will be unique and fun.  This is a part of the makeover in my mud room so y’all stay tuned for the full reveal tomorrow.


Make a gold hanger for pictures in just minutes!

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Painted Wood Caddy with Chalky Finish Paint #chalkyfinish #decoartprojects

 It is no secret that DecoArt Chalky Finish paint is one my my favorite craft supplies.  I recently completed this painted wood caddy and thought I would share with y’all today.  I am blessed to be on the DecoArt design team and am compensated for posts such as these however all projects and opinions are my own.  I would definitely love the chalky finish paint regardless. 

Painted Wood Caddy -- use a stencil and Decoart Chalky Finish paint to complete this look on any wood surface.
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Make a Fall Tray with Buttons

 You can make a fall tray with buttons with this craft tutorial.  I am in love with this tray.  It is sturdy and gorgeous which is the perfect combination.  Yep it is a thrift store makeover as well so it didn’t cost me much to make.  Grab your button stash and lets make a great fall tray with them.

Make a Fall Tray -- use buttons to make a fall scene on a tray then pour on a two part epoxy!  Full instructions for making your own by clicking!


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Nautical Themed Bathroom Design

I am finally ready to reveal my nautical themed bathroom design.  This post has a ton of pictures so sit back and enjoy the eye candy.  Grab a few ideas for your own beach themed bathroom as well.  I have been working on this one for a few weeks now and I must say I am super proud of the results.  Do you know that feeling when something turns out just like you envisioned it?  Yep this is just the way I saw this room in my head.  If you are looking for before pictures of this room, you can head on over to the post from when it was a for the love of books bathroom.  The kids are getting older now however and it was time for a change.  

Nautical Themed Bathroom Design -- an elegant yet fun spin on the beach theme for a bathroom.


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