Mason Jar Business Card Holder

 I have a super simple sewing project for you today with this mason jar business card holder.  I am also joining in with a group of bloggers to bring you even more spring mason jar ideas so be sure to check out those links at the bottom of this post.


Step by step instructions on how to make this fun mason jar business card holder -- a quick and easy sewing project perfect for any mason jar lover!
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Drawstring Camera Bag Tutorial

My project last week for So You Think You’re Crafty was my Blog Conference Tote Bag.  I am back to give you all the details and a step by step tutorial for the drawstring camera bag. 

I started with a tote bag I owned from Nest of Posies — love her!  On a side note, I received so many compliments on the bag at Blissdom.  Everyone will notice your blog name if you are wearing it on your shoulder at a conference.  This bag was with me at all times during the conference.  My next step was to make a laptop sleeve.  I used this tutorial over at Crap I’ve Made to make my laptop sleeve.  I also added a Nest of Posies posy to the laptop sleeve.  I made a smaller version of the laptop sleeve for all of the cords that come with the computer.  

Now for my drawstring camera bag.  I wanted something super simple for my new DSLR camera.  Something that could be thrown into my purse for a softball game or I could carry on a trip to the zoo.  This little bag is perfect.


You will need two coordinating materials and some quilt batting.  I used my largest round tray as a round template.  Mine is 16 inches in diameter (if you measure across the circle).  Cut the circle out of each fabric and the batting.

Next you will need a long strip of material.  It needs to be 7 inches wide.  For the length, take your circle diameter (measuring straight across the circle) and multiply by 3.14.  Add 2 inches to the length for seams.

Press the entire long strip in half.  Also, press over your ends about a 1/4 of an inch.


Now this part is tricky.  Put the ends together so you are forming a large circle with your strip.  Starting from the fold, sew about 2 inches going through all of the layers.  For the next 1 inch, only sew the front sides (repeat for front and back).  Then continue on sewing through all of the layers until you are about 1/2 inch from the raw edge.  I made a little graphic for y’all.  Basically you want that opening where my scissors are for your ribbon drawstring.

Now we are going to sew all the way around this strip.  Two inches from the fold and one inch below that.  Yes you are making a pocket for your drawstring to go through.  

Now press the raw edges of your long strip under about 1/4 inch on both sides.

Now pin that strip all the way around your circles.  Circles should be stacked with bag material (right side down), batting, then liner material (right side up).  

I sewed all the way around once just catching the edge that was on the liner side.  Then sewed again just catching the edge that is on the outside.  That way the outside was neat and I did not miss the strip on either side.  Now you just have to thread in your ribbon drawstring.  

Tip:  Put a safety pin through one end of your ribbon.  Thread that end through the bag first.  The safety pin will help you guide the ribbon around the bag.  After you get your ribbon through, tie it and pull it to close.  

A quick and easy bag that will protect your camera when you are out and about.

I also made a matching camera strap cover.  There are so many tutorials for how to make one of these that I did not take step by step pictures.  Here is a link with a tutorial round up.  I am sure you can find one that you will love!

Enjoy this sewing tutorial!  And let me know if you make one of your own!

Make a drawstring camera bag with this step by step tutorial.

Blissdom {Networking, Fun, and lots of learning}

 I met tons of amazing ladies at Blissdom — very few of which I took pictures of.  This is my first blog conference so bear with me.  I will learn eventually!  I did steal one of Brittany‘s pictures to show you how I kicked off my bliss weekend….

Pre-blissdom lunch at Cracker Barrel
Allison {House of Hepworths}, Kristen {Ahoy Graphics}, Michele {The Scrappe Shoppe}, 
 We started with lunch at Cracker Barrel.  I got to put lots of faces with names.  I then headed to the Blissdom newbie meet up and Handmade Market.  
I was blessed to meet Myra with My Blessed Life there.  
Plus I got to meet Meggie with Hoosier Farm Babe   — she is one of the Real Farmwives of America — I love keeping up with them!
I hung out with a group of Nashville bloggers Thursday night.  Amazing ladies all of them!
Lisa with Franny Bolsa
Samantha from Household Hero
Dana with Prudent Wisdom
Amanda with Magda Rowe
Also, Leann from Montessori Tidbits who I did not get to spend as much time with as I would have liked to.  
Over the course of the next 2 days, I met with tons of great ladies and will try to list most of them below.  I went to sessions where my head filled with tons of great information.  I could try to type it all here but I don’t think it would fit.  I was left with lots to contemplate, lots to implement, and lots left to learn.  Blissdom was a wonderful experience.  I would recommend it to anyone.  It is a bit overwhelming for a newcomer (over 750 bloggers!!).  However, they all welcomed me with open arms! 
My list of people I met is extremely long and I did not even get to all the people I wanted to meet.  That alone is incredible!  After 3 exhausting days I can say that these ladies are as great in real life as they appear on the net!  Without further ado, in addition to all of the mentions above, I met:
Kristi with The Decorologist
Diane with In My Own Style
Cindy with My Cottage Love
Maggie with Gussy Sews 
Kristi with Creative Kristi 
Meghan with The Tuckers Take Tennessee
Rachel  with All Free Holiday Crafts
Joy with Obsessed with Scrapbooking
Diane with Capadia Design
Maggie with Accidentally by Design
Dina with More from Mom
Molli with Cleverly Molli
Heather with Basilmomma
Laurie with Little Blue Chairs
Sarah with Three Boys
Ricki with Family Fun Mom

Plus others I probably have left out, misplaced their cards, etc.  So did I meet you and not add you to the list??  Let’s meet again…leave me a comment below! :)
Next year, I will be buying my Blissdom ticket as soon as they go on sale…how about you?
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