Guide to Cricut Blades

The Cricut Joy only has the fine point blade.

There is a different fine point blade for the Explore and Maker.

The deep point blade is also for the Explore and Maker and cuts slightly deeper.

The Rotary Blade comes with the Maker and can only be used with that machine.

Remember that the housing for the rotary blade cannot be used for other tips.

The knife blade cuts really thick materials on the Maker only. 

This blade has a different housing as well. 

The following blades and tips all use the QuickSwap Housing on the Maker only.

The scoring wheels come in both a single and double.

The perf tip makes perforated lines.

Deboss with the debossing tip.

Engrave various materials with the engraving tip.

Cut wavy lines with the wavy blade.

See more about the blades and how to use them on the blog post!