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cricut paper bows
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How to Make Paper Bows

Make bows from paper and use them to decorate for the holidays and wrap those gifts with a special touch.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Assembling the bow might look a little tricky, but after you do it once, it gets much easier!
  • Download the bow cut file and upload it to your Cricut Access account. Resize the design so the bow shape is the width you'd like your final bow. For these tiny bows, I set the final width of the bow to just about 2". You can see the size by looking at the bow-shaped piece in the cut file. This piece is the base or back piece of the final bow.
  • Cut the bow from regular paper. You can see more about using the pattern feature in Cricut Design Space above if you want to add a design to your bow shape.
  • To assemble the bow, you'll gently fold, without creasing, each of the oval cuts and glue circle ends together.
  • Then attach the 4 loops to create a double bow. Add the center "faux knot" by wrapping it around the double bow shape. Glue to this completed set to the bow-shaped back-piece. I used a small wood stick to help press pieces together while the hot glue cooled.
  • Apply the bow to whatever project you want to accent. I decorated a little glitter ornament to add that extra special touch.