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Christmas Mason Jar Candles

Grab your Cricut machine and make these candle holders for the holidays!
45 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Choose the images you want for the front of your mason jars. We have nine images that you can choose from here.
  • Download the SVG for the shapes and upload those to your Cricut machine. You can see how to do that here.
  • Resize the images once imported to fit on the front of the jars that you are using.
  • Then cut the shapes from vinyl. It does not matter what color vinyl that you use as we will be using these for masking only.
  • Weed away all of the excess vinyl from your design. If you have not worked with adhesive vinyl before, you can see a tutorial on it here.
  • Then peel and stick the shapes onto the front of your mason jars. Be sure that the mason jars are clean and dry. I like to wipe mine with rubbing alcohol.
  • Burnish the vinyl well to ensure it is stuck. You can use an old gift card for this.
  • Then paint over the entire jar with your paint. You will go over the top of the vinyl as well. Set the jar aside and allow it to dry. NOTE: Do NOT remove the vinyl masking while wet. You want to leave it on the jar.
  • Allow the paint to dry completely. You will also want to follow all the instructions on the jar of paint that you are using.
  • Once dry, paint over the entire jar again. This may or may not be needed depending on the paint you are using. You want the paint to be slightly see-through so the light can shine through.
  • Allow this second coat of paint to dry then it is time to remove the masking. Use a craft knife and cut around the edge of the masking cutting the dried paint away from the vinyl.
  • Then start to lift up the vinyl. Slowly lift ensuring that the paint does lift with the vinyl.
  • Once you have the masking removed, you can scrape away any paint that seeped under your masking with the edge of your craft knife.
  • Now your painted jars are complete! The instructions on your paint may call for you to cure the paint in the oven if used on glass. This is really not needed in this case but you can do it if you wish. Just be sure to do it now before you add any embellishments.
  • Then you can add some ribbon to the top of your jars. Cut the ribbon to size with scissors and use hot glue to secure around the top of your jars. Be sure to pick a ribbon that matches your holiday decor.
  • Then just add in some fake snow and your battery-operated tea lights. Real tea lights will NOT work with these jars so be sure to pick up some faux ones.