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DIY Rose Petal Chandelier

Want to make a DIY Rose Petal Chandelier of your very own? With just a few rose petals and a sewing machine, this is great for any teen or kid room. It would even be great as DIY wedding d├ęcor. Wanna know how to make it? Read on to find out how!
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Remove the inside rings of the embroidery hoops. Paint them white with the acrylic paint.
  • When they are dry, tie them together in a chandelier style, with the smallest on the bottom. Then, add three strands to hand it from the ceiling when you are done.
  • Using the petals and sewing machine, sew each and every one of the petals into strands, leaving a little space between each petal. (I sewed 9 strands total)
  • Then, glue on your petal strands, starting at the bottom ring. I folded the top petal over and glued it to the second petal.
  • Continue glueing until the chandelier is filled and you have the look you want!