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Marbled Eggs on a Moss Easter Wreath

Making marbled eggs is easier than you think! Learn how to make marbled eggs with marbling medium and acrylic paint. Then, attach them to make this moss-covered Easter wreath. These easy marbled eggs can also just be used as decor around your home.
Course craft
Keyword easter, spring decor, wreath
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 2 hours
Drying time 1 day
Total Time 1 day 2 hours 5 minutes
Makes 1 wreath
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Marble the Eggs
  • Separate your plastic eggs into halves and place those on a large piece of cardboard. The paint will run, so you need a large piece (with sides is even better).
  • Shake the paint colors and marbling medium well before adding to the cups. Pour equal parts of paint and marbling medium into each disposable plastic cup.
  • Mix each well with a craft stick. Allow the paint to sit a bit before continuing will reduce the number of bubbles when adding to the eggs.
  • Once your paints are mixed, you can start to pour onto your eggs. I added two colors per egg, along with some white. You can pick the eggs up and tilt them to make the paint run. Or, use an extra craft stick to pick up the excess paint that falls off the egg and fill in the bare spaces.
  • Allow the eggs to dry overnight.
  • Then, remove each half from the cardboard. Use a craft knife all the way around the outside of each egg half to cut the dried paint if needed.
  • Assemble two halves together. You may have to use the craft knife to remove excess paint from around the lip of the bottom half.
  • Make the Moss Wreath
  • Use hot glue to secure each egg to your wreath form. Add in moss around the eggs as well as the outside of the wreath with hot glue.
  • Allow the wreath to dry completely before hanging.