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Patriotic Windsock

A patriotic windsock can be a fun kids craft idea that is perfect for summer. Grab a few supplies that you probably already have on hand and turn the kids loose to make their own patriotic windsock. It will make a great decoration on your front porch this summer!
Course craft
Cuisine American
Keyword 4th of July, american flag, outdoor decor
Active Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Makes 1 windsock
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Material cut into approx. 1 inch strips (perfect for scrap material!)
  • Ribbon any you have on hand
  • Trim any you have on hand
  • Yarn any you have on hand
  • Basically ANY scraps that are in red white, and blue
  • Styrofoam disc 3 7/8” diameter
  • Serrated knife
  • Mason jar lid or other round object
  • Marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Baker’s twine or some other twine to hang your creation


  • Trace around mason jar lid or other round object in the center of the Styrofoam disc.
  • PARENTS ONLY: Use serrated knife to cut out center of disc as shown below.
  • Cover the styrofoam by wrapping 1 inch strips of material around the cut disc. Use glue to adhere the ends.
  • Start tying on various material strips, ribbon, yarn, trim and more. Tie on the inside and drape material over to the outside to hide the knots.
  • Trim any excess length with your scissors.
  • After you have all of the materials on the wind sock, use the baker’s twine to make a way to hang.
  • Hang your patriotic windsock outdoors to allow the wind to blow around the various strips of fabric and trim.


Get creative and find items in red, white, and blue in your stash and scrap bin. Let the kids pick any materials that they like.