DIY Paper Ornament You Can Make

Make a reindeer ornament with strips of paper and a hot glue gun!


– Plastic ball ornament – Kraft paper – Glitter paper in red and gold – Antler and nose template – Marker – Spray bottle with water – Scissors – Hot glue and a glue gun – Google eyes

Cut the paper into strips

Cut your paper into approximately 1 inch strips with scissors. I worked with the entire length from the kraft paper roll but you can definitely cut your paper into smaller sections.

Twist the paper

Then twist once down the entire length. The paper may not stay twisted but this will aid you in twisting later when adding to the ornament.

Then go back and twist a second time getting it even tighter. You will want to make sure the first 5 to 6 inches of length is twisted well before starting on your ornament.

Hot glue to ornament

Start on the bottom and glue your strips into place covering the entire ornament. Hot glue works best here but you will want to be cautious not to burn yourself.

Continue twisting paper strips and adding them to your ornament. I recommend wetting and twisting the paper strips as you go as they dry out quickly.

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