I have tips and tricks for several layers as well as BIG projects that you are going to love.


> Cricut machine > Vinyl > Transfer tape > Weeding tools > Scraper > Parchment paper > Paper trimmer  > Light grip mat

Hack #1: Using the Mat

I like to use my mat when layering because it’s sticky and it has lines on it.  I can line the vinyl up with the lines running vertically and horizontally on my mat.

When layering using this method, you can pick up more than one color of vinyl at a time. The trick is to trim the carrier sheets close so you can put two colors on the mat together.

Hack #2: Trimming the Carrier Sheet

I find that using transfer tape that has the grid lines helps me when layering. Then I can make sure everything is straight as I add each layer.

Hack #3: Transfer Tape with Grid Lines

You can also use the parchment paper hack for applying transfer tape to the vinyl. This is especially great when working with really large designs as locating the transfer tape straight can be tricky.

Hack #4: Using Parchment Paper

I do hope these hacks for layering vinyl help you with your Cricut projects.

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