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Halloween Wood Sign

Make a spooky Halloween wood sign with your Cricut and Testors Craft paint!
2 hours
Total Time 2 hours
Author Angie Holden


  • Cricut machine

What You Will Need


  • Start by painting your sign with one coat of Testors craft paint. One coat gives great coverage so there is no need for a second coat.
  • You will want to decide which slats are what color before starting. I wrote down on a piece of paper which slat would have which saying and what colors I wanted to use. Remember that these will be the colors of your letters as we are doing a reverse stencil technique.
  • Continue until you have painted the front and sides of all slats. If you are putting this sign outdoors, be sure to flip it over and paint the back once the front is dry.
  • I also went back in with a darker brown and painted where the back slats show through to the front for more of a finished appearance.
  • Set your sign aside to dry and, in the meantime, you can cut the vinyl for your stencils. The vinyl color does not matter as we are only using as a stencil and it will not be on your finished sign.
  • Weed away all excess vinyl on each piece.
  • That includes the outer edge as well as the centers of any letters.
  • Once your pieces have been weeded, you will want to use transfer tape to put them on your dry sign.
  • You can use the same piece of transfer tape for all of your pieces. Just peel back the tape from the backing paper.
  • Then apply to the front of your vinyl. Be sure to press down well.
  • Remove the backing paper from the vinyl and your pieces should stick to the transfer tape.
  • Apply the vinyl to whatever slat you wish.
  • Once again, press it down well.
  • Then peel back your transfer tape and your vinyl will stay in place on your Halloween wood sign.
  • Press it down well once more just to make sure it is on there really well.
  • Then start painting over the top with white paint. You want a really dry brush with not much paint on it.
  • Your goal here is NOT complete coverage. You want to just give a REALLY light coat over the top of the vinyl letters.
  • Go over the entire sign with the white. You can see that I did not have complete coverage and that is EXACTLY what you do want to see.
  • Then you can immediately start pulling off the vinyl letters. I find that a weeding tool helps with this.
  • Continue until all of your letters are off. Then repeat this same process for all of the slats on your painted wood sign.
  • After everything is painted and has dried, you will want to go back in and add your arrows. Just use black paint for this and a really dry brush to make rustic looking arrows.
  • Allow those to dry and your Halloween wood sign is complete!