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Halloween Candy Bucket

Make this Halloween treat bucket that glows in the dark with just a few supplies!
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Paintbrushes

What You Will Need

  • Witch's bucket
  • Testors Craft Paint in black and green glow in the dark
  • Spooky hand
  • Foam block
  • Industrial adhesive


  • You may or may not need a foam block inside of your Halloween treat bucket. If the hand is not long enough to come out of the top, find a foam block to lift it up.
  • Paint this foam block with black Testors craft paint. This will hide it more when your Halloween candy bucket is empty. Be sure to paint the sides as well as the top with a thick coat of paint. A sponge brush is great for painting foam.
  • Allow this to dry completely. NOTE: This may take a while to dry.
  • In the meantime, you can start working on your Halloween candy basket itself. I love a good glow in the dark paint for Halloween!
  • Use a paintbrush to put a thick layer on the top rim as well as some random drips around the sides. Be sure to do this all the way around the witch's bucket.
  • Allow this to dry. I found that one coat was fine but you can add another coat if you wish.
  • Once everything is dry, use the industrial adhesive to put the foam block on the bottom of your Halloween candy bucket.
  • Then use more adhesive to put the hand on top of the foam block. Allow everything to dry completely.
  • Then just fill your Halloween treat bucket with a ton of candy for the big night! This project is perfect for a Halloween party. Add in treats or even treat bags for a cute display that everyone will love.