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How to Paint a Sunflower

This tutorial will have you painting a sunflower on any surface in minutes.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Paintbrushes

What You Will Need

  • Pint-size mason jar
  • Craft paint in two shades of yellow and two shades of brown
  • White spray paint
  • Fall flowers


  • You will need something to paint your flower on. I am using a mason jar. First, I painted the mason jar white and allowed it to dry completely. TIP: Clean glass with rubbing alcohol before painting for maximum success.
  • To paint sunflowers, you will need to types of brushes. One round sponge brush and one brush that has bristles shaped like a flower petal. You can see the two brushes that I used in the image below.
  • Start by making a round center for your flower with the round sponge brush and the lighter of the two brown paints.
  • Then it is time to paint flower petals. Load up your brush with a darker shade of yellow. Practice on paper until you can use the brush shape to make a petal. Just apply paint to the side of the brush and lay it down to get the shape of the brush on your surface.
  • Then start adding those petal shapes all the way around your flower center on the mason jar. NOTE: It is okay if the flower center is still wet when you are doing this step.
  • Use a really fine brush to start adding some shading to your flower petals. Do this with a lighter yellow and a light brown.
  • Just work in both paints to the still wet flower petals.
  • To finish painting your flower, turn one of the brushes around to the opposite end and dip in the dark brown.
  • Use that end to make random dots over the top of your flower center.
  • When you are happy with your sunflower, allow the entire thing to dry completely before displaying around your home.