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State Christmas Ornaments

Make your own custom state heart ornaments with our tutorial.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Makes 1
Author Angie Holden


  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes

What You Will Need

  • United States wood cutout here is a similar one to mine on Etsy
  • Industrial hole punch or drill
  • White craft paint
  • Grey craft paint
  • Red craft paint or paint pen
  • Pen
  • Printed map of the United States in the same size as your cutout
  • Ribbon


  • You will need to add a hole to the wood piece for hanging. You can use an industrial hole punch, drill, or even just a sharp screwdriver.
  • Paint with as many coats of white as it takes. Be sure to allow to dry completely in between coats.
  • Print out a map of the US with the state outlines that is about the same size as your wood piece.
  • Lay the paper on top of your wood and trace around with a ballpoint pen. The pen will make a slight indention in the wood.
  • Then you just fill the indention with your gray paint. Use any gray craft paint you have on hand. The paint a small heart in the approximate location of the city. I used a paintbrush and red craft paint but a fine line paint pen would work great.