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Making Easter Jars

Making your own mason jar Easter Baskets is so easy to do! Give them a try following the instructions below.
1 day 2 hours
Total Time 1 day 2 hours
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Start by making sure your jars are clean and dry. Then apply the dimensional craft paste to the outside of the jar. Use a medium to heavy coat making sure to cover the entire jar. You can use a pallet knife or craft stick for this.
    adding testors dimensional craft paste to a mason jar
  • Once your entire jar is covered you can start pulling the comb through the craft paste to create a basket-like effect. Use an old comb for this that you are going to keep in your craft room as you don’t want to use it for anything else after using it for crafting. Do this over the entire jar so that your entire jar has a texture.
    texture on a mason jar
  • Once your jar is completely covered as well as texturized with the comb then you’ll want to set it aside to dry completely overnight. Once dry, you are ready to paint the jar in any color that you like.
    textured mason jars with paint
  • Just add the paint with a paintbrush all over the jar. I found that one coat was fine but you can add two if you feel it needs it. Then allow the paint to dry completely.
    painting a mason jar for easter
  • Once everything is dry, add a ribbon around the top. Tie into place and trim any excess with scissors.
    putting ribbon around the top of a mason jar
  • Fill the jar with edible Easter grass.
    edible easter grass in a mason jar
  • Then put in a chocolate Easter bunny. Finally, add in a few chocolate Easter eggs around the bunny.
    adding candy to an easter mason jar
  • Now your Easter jars are complete and ready to give to anyone on your Easter list. Everyone will love these cute jars and receiving them for Easter.
    mason jar easter baskets