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Your Guide to Cricut Joy Label Making

Learn all about making labels with the Cricut Joy and the new SmartLabel material from Cricut.
Keyword cricut crafts
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Cricut Joy

What You Will Need


  • Pull up the Cricut Design Space file. You can use the "customize this" label to easily add in your own words. Duplicate it as many times as you need. You will also want to delete off any of the pre-made ones that you do not need.
    making labels in cricut design space
  • Change the text of the labels to anything that you want. You may find it easier to move the text off to the side in order to change it.
    changing text in cricut design space
  • Put the text over the label. Be sure both the text and the labels are highlighted. Then click align and click "center" to center it both horizontally and vertically. You will also want to click "attach" in the lower right-hand corner while both pieces are highlighted.
    aligning text with label in cricut design space
  • Then click "make it" to make the labels. You will need to choose the "no mat" option before continuing.
    picking mat type with cricut joy
  • You will then have something that looks like the screen below. You can hide any objects from this screen that you forgot to delete in the first few steps of this tutorial. Do this by clicking the three dots and choosing "hide selected".
    making labels with a cricut joy
  • Click continue and pick the SmartLabel material from the material list. The machine will then ask you to load the pen into the holder. Do this by unclamping, removing the blade, and dropping the pen into place. Remember that there is no need to push the pen down on the Cricut Joy. Just drop the pen and lock the clamp.
    loading label material into a cricut joy
  • To load your material, just put the SmartLabel material under the guides. The Cricut Joy will sense the material and automatically feed it in. Then it will measure the material to make sure you have enough for your project.
    using pens to make labels with cricut joy
  • The Joy will then write the labels with the pen. Cricut Design Space will then prompt you to unload the pen and add the blade to the machine. The Joy will then cut your labels.
    cricut joy cutting labels
  • Once cut, Cricut Design Space will prompt you to either unload your material or try again (which means to cut again). Once unloaded, your writable labels are ready to add to any surface.
    cricut joy labels