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Making Shaker Pins

Learn how to make these shaker crafts with Xyron adhesive.
30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Printer (laser if using foil)
  • Glaminator (if using foil)
  • Xyron Creative Station
  • Cricut machine

What You Will Need


  • First, you will need to cut your pieces. The back is the circle with the slits and should be cut out of cardstock. The word, as well as the printed circle, should be made using the print then cut function on the Cricut on cardstock. Then you can use the Glaminator to add foil if desired. The smaller circle should be cut out of acetate. And the larger circle should be cut from craft foam. You can cut all of these pieces with a Cricut machine or make your own by hand.
    Cricut supplies to make a shaker
  • You will need to run the foam circle, the large circle, and the circle with the word through the Xyron Creative Station. This makes them each a sticker. Push them through the front of the creative station then turn the handle to pull them through. Rub the top of the clear sheet well to get rid of excess adhesive.
    pieces out of xyron creative station
  • Then you can start assembling your pin. Put your safety pin through the slits in the back circle. Then add the circle with the word on top. The adhesive will hold it in place. Please note that there are many versions of this pin in the Cricut file. You can delete off those that you don't want to make.
    Assembling an inspirational pin
  • Add the foam circle on top of this. Then put some beads and some glitter on the inside. You will definitely want to add some beads for shake and glitter for sparkle. Remember not to fill too much so you can still read the word.
    adding beads and glitter to a pin
  • Then put the acetate circle on top. This does not have adhesive but we will fix that in the next step. Depending on the climate, this may have a bunch of static electricity and the glitter may stick to it. You can opt to leave the glitter out and only add beads.
    clear acetate on shaker crafts
  • Then put the larger circle over the top. The adhesive on this will hold everything in place. Press this down really well by pinching the edges.
    gold pins with shaker beads