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Freezer Paper Stenciling

You can make stencils with freezer paper and paint them using our two methods below!
1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Freezer paper yes, the kind in your kitchen (this MUST BE freezer paper - not waxed paper or butcher paper or parchment paper)
  • Testors paint I have a method for using the fabric spray paint as well as the craft paint
  • Fabric surface I am using tea towels
  • Iron
  • Ironing mat or towel
  • Scissors
  • Cricut machine as an optional method of cutting for more intricate designs
  • Sponge if using craft paint with little kids


  • Start by cutting your freezer paper. The first method to do that is to use a pair of scissors and cut any shape. Easy ones include hearts and triangles but you can try other ones as well. This is where it is great to get kids of all ages involved in cutting these shapes.
    cutting freezer paper
  • Then place the shapes with the SHINY side DOWN on your fabric. This is the most important part of stenciling with freezer paper.
    Adding freezer paper to fabric
  • Then press the stencils onto your fabric. You can use an iron on a press. Just press a few seconds and the freezer paper will be stuck into place.
    ironing freezer paper onto fabric
  • Once all of the shapes have been ironed, it is time to paint. For this version, we are using Testors Fabric Spray Paint.
    testors fabric spray paint
  • Just be sure to shake well and spray your fabric outdoors. You will also want to wait about 30 minutes before handling your project. I would also recommend protecting your surface well.
    spray painting fabric
  • I did an ombre look to the towel with the fabric spray paint by spraying a lighter coat as I moved up the towel.
    how to spray paint fabric
  • Repeat the same procedure with as many towels as you would like. Here I used the small scraps from my hearts to make triangles on a second towel.
    triangles on a tea towel
  • This time I used a blue spray paint. You can use whatever colors you would like on these tea towels.
    spray painting tea towels
  • The second option is for those that want a more intricate design or have smaller children that can't make the cuts with scissors. You can also cut the design yourself from the center of freezer paper or even use a Cricut machine to cut a design.
    cutting a freezer paper stencil
  • Press on in the same manner. For this type of design, you will also want to add things like the centers of letters with your iron. If you are going to let small children paint this tea towel, I would add more freezer paper around the edge or tape paper to protect the rest of the towel.
    mothers day tea towel
  • To make this easy for little kids, I used a kitchen sponge cut into some small pieces. Be sure to put paper under the towel to protect your surface. Then just dab on Testors craft paint as it is good to use on fabric. I used two different colors but you can choose as many or as few as you would like.
    how to paint a tea towel
  • When using the craft paint, you can remove the freezer paper right away. Just peel it away from the fabric. It really does remove that easily!
    removing a freezer paper stencil
  • You can then remove the centers of letters. I used pair of tweezers to remove mine.
    stenciling with kids
  • Once 30 minutes has passed, you can also remove the freezer paper from the spray painted towels. Just peel them back in the same manner as described above.
    how to remove freezer paper stencils
  • Once all of your freezer paper is removed, be sure to allow the paint to dry and cure completely. I also like to heat set fabric paint with an iron once it is dry. Then your tea towels are ready for gift giving to mom or grandma.
    making tea towels for mothers day