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Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Cardstock white, red, and brown
  • Dry adhesive
  • Twine for tags
  • Hole punch for tags
  • Cricut machine
  • Cricut pens optional
  • Gift bags
  • SVG downloaded from the form above


  • Upload the SVG file to your Cricut and cut all of your components. You will need to resize to fit the gift bag you are working with. I also added text to my tags and wrote it with my Cricut but this is optional.
    free healthcare svg
  • Fold the nurse hat and doctor bag topper in half.
    free svg for healthcare workers
  • Use adhesive to add the red cross to your pieces.
    nurse hat svg file
  • Repeat for as many gift bag toppers and gift tags as you are making.
    doctor bag svg file
  • Use additional adhesive or even staples to attach the bag toppers to the top of your gift bags. Use adhesive to add the hat and bag to the top of your gift tags.
    making healthcare gift bags
  • For the tags, you will also need to punch a hole and add some twine to tie them on to your gifts.
    making healthcare appreciation gift tags
  • Repeat for as many gift bags or tags as you would like to make.
    gift wrap for healthcare worker gifts