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bandanna face mask
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DIY Bandanna Face Mask

Use a bandanna to make a quick face mask to protect yourself.
5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Makes 1
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • bandanna or 21.5 by 21.5 inch square of fabric
  • ribbon, string, etc 1 1/2 yards if you have one or two if they are shorter


  • If you want to add a filter, you will put it in the center first.
    adding a filter to a bandanna face mask
  • Then fold the long sides in toward the middle. You will be covering up the filter if you added it in the first step.
    folding a bandanna to make a face mask
  • Fold the long ends again overlapping them slightly.
    folded bandanna face mask
  • I have two options for ties for this one. Note that I am NOT using the hair ties as elastic around the ears. I find that extremely uncomfortable. Instead, take one ribbon and lay it on the bandanna as shown with a loop in the center at the top.
    adding ribbon ties to a bandanna face mask
  • Or you can lay two shorter strings as shown.
    adding string ties to a bandanna face mask
  • Then fold the short ends towards the middle over the top of your ribbon(s).
    folding a bandanna to cover the face
  • Tuck the ends into each other to complete the mask. This is where this one is adjustable. You can put it in a lot or just a little. You can also glue this shut IF you do not add a filter that needs to be changed.
    tucking the ends of a bandanna into itself
  • To wear, loop the top ribbon around your head or tie in a bow if it is two ribbons and put on top of your head. Pull the bottom ribbons around your neck and tie in to place. You have a face mask and it just took you about 5 minutes!
    how to wear a bandanna as a face mask