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how to cut scrap fabric on a cricut
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Using Scrap Fabric on a Cricut

Don't throw away those scrap pieces! Use your scrap fabric on your Cricut to create something new.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Cricut machine (any will work)
  • Iron or EasyPress

What You Will Need

  • scrap fabric
  • interfacing this will depend on the machine you are using as well as the project you are making
  • fine point or rotary blade
  • fabric or light grip mat


  • If your fabric scraps are really wrinkled, you may want to iron them first.
    ironing fabric
  • Then add interfacing if needed. When is it needed? If you are using a Cricut Explore or Cricut Joy, you will need this in order to cut the fabric. If your project uses something like Heat and Bond as an adhesive, you will also need to add that at this step. If you want to use your Cricut Maker with no adhesive or stabilizer, you can skip this step.
    adding interfacing to fabric
  • You will want to add your interfacing as per the instructions on whatever brand you are working with.
    how to put interfacing on fabric
  • You will want to remove the backing from your interfacing before continuing with cutting on your Cricut machine. NOTE: Backing is only present on double-sided adhesive products.
    removing backing from interfacing
  • Place your fabric on the fabric grip Cricut mat. This needs to be interfacing side down if you are using it. If you are not using interfacing, you can put either side down but be sure to mirror your cut if the good side is down on the mat. If you don't have the fabric grip mat, a light grip mat will work for bonded fabric.
    placing fabric on cricut mat
  • Then you can cut your design from your fabric using your Cricut machine. For the Cricut Maker, pick the fabric you are cutting. For the Cricut Explore, pick a bonded fabric setting. For the Cricut Joy, use the medium card stock setting. Remember that ONLY the Cricut Maker can cut fabric that is not bonded.
    cutting fabric with a cricut
  • Then you can remove your cut pieces from the Cricut mat and continue on with your project.
    removing cut fabric from a cricut mat