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Cutting Fabric with a Cricut Maker

First, you need to cut your fabric for your Cricut face masks.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Cricut Maker
  • fabric
  • fabric grip mat
  • brayer
  • tweezers optional


  • Start by adding the fabric to a fabric grip mat. You will want to put this face down if you are using the fabric pen for marking your pattern. You should cut your fabric to fit on the mat.
    fabric on fabric grip mat
  • Press the fabric down really well. I like to use a brayer for this.
    using a brayer on fabric to cut on a cricut maker
  • Then cut your fabric with your Cricut Maker using the links given for the cut file of your choice.
    cutting fabric on a cricut maker
  • I chose to mark my pieces with the washable fabric pen but you can turn this option off before you cut.
    fabric pen marking fabric in a cricut maker
  • Once the cut is done, remove the mat from your Cricut machine. With the fabric grip mat, you want to make sure not to touch the adhesive with your hands.
    removing cut pieces from the cricut fabric mat
  • First, pull away the excess fabric.
    removing fabric from the cricut mat
  • Then remove your pattern pieces. I like to use tweezers for this portion so I do not touch the mat but this is optional. Now that your pattern pieces are cut, it is time to sew your Cricut face masks.
    cut pieces on a fabric mat