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Applying B-Flex HTV

How do you use the heat transfer vinyl from B-Flex? We are showing you with a few simple projects to get you started.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • First, upload your SVG files to your Cricut machine and cut your design from the HTV. The heat transfer vinyl should go face down on the mat and you will want to mirror your design before cutting. Use the Iron-on setting for your Cricut machine when cutting.
    cutting heat transfer vinyl on a cricut mat
  • You will then want to weed away all of the excess HTV. Weeding tools make this a bit easier. Weed and discard the excess around the outside as well as things like the centers of letters.
    weeding bflex htv
  • Continue weeding all of the pieces for your design. We are using two different colors for each of our projects.
    plant and cacti htv pieces
  • Trim the carrier sheets close to the vinyl and put them together so they do not overlap. Then lay them on your blank in the correct location. NOTE: I like to pre-heat my material a bit to get out any moisture or wrinkles. Also, I am using an EasyPress mat under my project. Once your design is in place, you can then press for the full time at the correct temperature. Then remove the carrier sheet while the project is still hot to reveal your design. OPTIONAL: You can press a second time after the carrier sheet is removed to ensure your design is pressed well. You can cover with parchment paper or just press right on top of the B-flex as it can withstand the temperature.
    pressing htv to a tea towel