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farmhouse style door tags
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Farmhouse Style Stenciled Door Tags

Stencil a pair of door tags for your farmhouse style home.
1 day 1 hour
Total Time 1 day 1 hour
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Cut basswood on the Cricut maker. You'll need four tags total cut with the knife blade. Put them together in two sets with glue and paint one side. Let the paint and glue dry overnight so that they will be dry for stenciling.
    cutting wood door tags with a cricut
  • Cut your stencil design using stencil vinyl. Weed away all of the excess.
    stencils cut with a cricut
  • Add transfer tape if needed to the top of your design and burnish well. Peel back and ensure your vinyl in on the transfer tap. Place the stencils on the wooden tags and burnish well. Peel back the transfer tape. Press the stencils down really well so that there is minimal seepage underneath the stencil.
    applying stencil vinyl using transfer tape
  • Repeat this same procedure with the other design. I actually didn't even use transfer tape with this version.
    plaid stencil
  • I'm applying a light coat using a dry brush technique for a rustic look. Get as much paint off of your brush as possible. Start to the side and work your way towards the stencil. Some of the first layer of paint will show through the white and that's the look we want. This gives a rustic worn look to the paint without any sanding or anything like that. I like to gently brush over the top once the paint is in place to remove any brush strokes.
    dry brush technique with a stencil
  • Continue the same paint method over the entire surface. Then remove the stencil and reveal the finished piece.
    farm sweet farm stenciled sign
  • Repeat the same method for the plaid tag.
    painting a plaid design with a stencil
  • Allow both tags to dry completely. This should not take long as the white coat of paint is really thin.
    how to make door tags with a cricut
  • You can finish it off however you would like. I'm going to add a little burlap ribbon, but you could definitely add some color on this portion if you would like.
    finishing off tags for a door
  • Stack them together and place the bottom one at a 45-degree angle. Glue them together where they are touching using hot glue. Then make a tie from the burlap ribbon. This one is ready to hang on your door.
    hanging door tags