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mugs and tumblers with sublimated ink
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How to Do Sublimation on Mugs in an Oven

Use a small oven to add sublimated ink to mugs and tumblers with our technique and tips.
30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Sublimation mug or tumbler
  • Sublimation ink markers or sheets
  • Oven small oven just for crafting
  • Light grip mat
  • Regular copy paper If it is not rated for a laser printer the heat of the sublimation process will affect the paper.
  • Heat gun
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Scissors
  • Cricut machine


  • Stick the paper on the light grip mat. Then draw your design with either the infusible ink markers or the Artesprix markers and your Cricut machine. Whichever marker you have, be sure to mirror your design, draw it with your Cricut, and then you can color it in.
    drawing with sublimation markers in a Cricut
  • Color in the designs you draw any sublimation markers. When I'm adding colors to my designs, I like using a couple of different shades of the same color. You just have to play around with the colors you have, it is just like coloring a coloring book page.
    designs colored with sublimation markers
  • Once you have your designs ready, you need to get them placed onto the mug so that you can transfer the design. First, tape the design ink side down onto the front of your mug using heat resistant tape. Then add your heat wrap. For the mug, you will need to cut the sublimation wrap. Tape one end of the wrap to the back of your mug both horizontally and vertically. Then wrap all the way around putting the wrap through the handle. Tape again in both directions and use your heat gun to shrink the wrap to the surface. Add two more pieces of tape to secure after shrinking.
    sublimation wrap on a mug
  • Now, the mug is ready for the oven. You can repeat the same procedure for the tumblers except you don't have to cut and tape the wrap. Just add the design ink side down and tape it into place. Then put the tumbler inside the wrap and shrink with the heat gun. So easy! Add your wrapped items to your oven.
    tumblers in an oven for sublimation
  • I put the bottom rack in and then set the oven to 350 degrees and put it on bake. Let it preheat for five minutes, and then put the mugs in and heat those for seven minutes. Use a towel to protect your hand. Once the mugs are heated up we'll remove those, add the tumblers, and heat them up for seven minutes. Then we'll take the wrappings off by peeling off the tape and removing the wrap. Then you can see the magic!
    tumblers with sublimation ink