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Candy Cane Reindeer Wreath

Make a Rudolph wreath in minutes with this easy to follow holiday tutorial.
1 hour
Total Time 1 hour
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Metal Candy Cane Wreath Form see my note above for finding this locally for much cheaper
  • Jute Floral Mesh takes 1 1/2 rolls
  • 6 inch Red Metallic Mesh Ribbon
  • Felt Sheets red, white, black, and two shades of brown
  • Floral Wire
  • Red Jingle Bells 3
  • White Jingle Bells 3
  • Gold Manzanita Picks 2 (I can't find the gold ones I used but there is a similar white version.)
  • Hot Glue & Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  • Start by making the wreath itself with the candy cane form and the jute floral mesh. Run a long piece of floral wire through the end of the jute mesh as shown below.
    deco mesh reindeer wreath
  • Gather this up and twist the floral wire, then wrap your wire around the entire bundle several times.
    adding deco mesh to a wreath form
  • Tie this bundle onto one end of your wreath form. Trim the ends of the floral wire if needed.
    using floral wire to attach deco mesh
  • Push the jute mesh up through the back of the wreath form making bubbles. You will push it up through each opening making three bubbles per row.
    deco mesh on a candy cane wreath form
  • Once you get to the end of one row, twist the mesh twice then push it up through the first hole once again. Continue making rows up your wreath form. You can make these bubbles as large as you want. I added three rows of bubbles per section of the wreath form. This was plenty full for me but you can add more or less if you like it better.
    bubble deco mesh wreath
  • You will need more than one roll of the jute mesh. Once you get to the end of the first roll, put the end of the first roll together with the start of the second roll. Run a long piece of floral wire through both pieces.
    deco mesh christmas wreath
  • Gather those together and wrap with floral wire tightly. Tie that end to your wreath and continue making bubbles in the same manner.
    deco mesh christmas wreath
  • Once you get to the end of the wreath, cut off any excess mesh. Then run another piece of floral wire through the end. Bundle it up once again and wrap it with the floral wire.
    finishing deco mesh end on a wreath
  • Attach this final end to your wreath form and you have a body for your reindeer. Now let’s dress him up a bit!
    candy cane wreath form covered in deco mesh
  • Take the 6-inch roll of red mesh and fold it in half then in half again.
    adding red deco mesh to a wreath
  • Wrap a piece around the nose of your reindeer. Secure in the back with hot glue and floral wire.
    adding reindeer details to a holiday wreath
  • Next, cut a red nose, an eye, and ears from felt. You can use scissors and something circular to make circles then just freehand the ears. NOTE: You only need one white and one black circle for an eye. I got a bit carried away when cutting these pieces.
    felt reindeer pieces for a wreath
  • Use hot glue to add the nose, eye, and ears to your wreath.
    reindeer face on a wreath
  • String up the bells on a piece of floral wire in alternating colors. I added one bell, twisted the floral wire to hold it in place then added another. Repeat with all six bells.
    adding jingle bells to a wreath
  • Wrap this around the neck of your reindeer and secure it in the back by twisting the floral wire tight.
    jingle bells on a reindeer wreath
  • Finally, add the antlers with a bit of additional hot glue.
    reindeer wreath from a candy cane wreath form