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How to Cover Your Clipboards in Pretty Paper

Transform your command center clipboards from blah to wow with this quick and easy project.
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Gather your clipboard, patterned paper, and other supplies.
  • With your clipboard on top of your patterned paper, trace around your clipboard with a pencil. Then use your scissors to cut out the clipboard shape along the line.
  • Place your paper cutout under the clipboard to help you mark the location of the clip. Use your pencil to mark each end of the clip on your paper.
  • Cut about ½ an inch or so out of the paper at the marks you made for the clip so that your paper will fit when you place it on top of your clipboard.
    Place the paper on top of the clipboard (but under the clip) and use your pencil to mark the rest of the clip outline. Cut on the line you just drew for that outline until your paper fits onto the board perfectly.
  • Use DecoArt Americana Decou-Page Glue to attach and seal your paper onto your clipboard. Allow time to dry. If you find the edges trying to pull off of your clipboard, give them another coat of decoupage.