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Grocery List Board with a Free Kitchen SVG

Make a dry erase grocery list board with sublimation markers and this organization SVG file.
15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Kitchen SVG file get this above
  • Cricut machine the markers I am using fit in the Joy perfectly or you can use an adapter for your Explore/Maker
  • Artesprix sublimation markers
  • Metal panel sublimation blank
  • Protective paper
  • Heat resistant tape
  • Copy paper
  • Protective mat
  • Cricut EasyPress or heat press
  • Scissors


  • Upload the SVG file to your Cricut machine and draw it with the sublimation markers on regular copy paper. You will want to mirror the design before drawing.
    cricut machine writing on copy paper
  • Once your design has been drawn, remove the copy paper from the mat.
    sublimation design with a cricut
  • Trim the paper with scissors to a little larger than your metal panel.
    grocery list sublimation design
  • Tape the copy paper to your blank with the sublimation ink against the white side of the metal blank. You can wrap the paper around the panel if you need to. Be sure to use heat resistant tape and tape down really well so the paper does not move.
    taping copy paper for sublimation to a metal blank
  • Use a protective mat and cover with protective paper. Then put the blank that has been covered with the paper on top. You will want this paper side up.
    metal sublimation blank on a mat
  • Cover this entire thing with another layer of protective paper.
    protective paper for sublimation on a blank
  • Press at the time and temperature indicated for the metal panel sublimation blank.
    using cricut easypress for sublimation
  • Remove the protective paper. You can remove the copy paper as soon as the blank is cool enough to touch without burning your skin.
    removing protective paper from metal sublimation blank
  • Then just peel back the paper to reveal your design! I found that scrubbing the panel with a magic eraser helped to make the dry erase board work a bit better with my markers. Otherwise, this project is ready to help you organize your kitchen.
    kitchen svg put on a sublimation blank