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How to Make a Captain America Shield

Ready to join the Marvel Universe? Make your very own homemade Captain America shield with just a few supplies! It's perfect for a homemade Halloween costume!
Keyword Halloween costrume, Halloween craft
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • 14 inch Styrofoam wreath form can use larger or smaller but it needs to be a FLAT wreath form where the edges ARE NOT rounded
  • Foam core board in white 2 sheets
  • Americana paint in Red Alert True Blue, and Snow
  • Red ribbon that is approximately the width of your wreath form plus the width of the two sheets of foam board
  • Additional red ribbon that can be thinner as the above
  • Hot glue gun with LOTS of hot glue sticks


  • Trace the outside of the wreath form on the foam core board and cut out two large circles. These will make a sandwich with the wreath form when we put together the shield. I found it was easier to paint the board when not assembled however so DO NOT glue yet.
  • On one of the foam core board circles, you need to draw the shield before painting. I used various items from around our home to trace the circles. Then I actually freehanded the star with a straight edge by measuring. You could also print one-off and then trace it onto the board.
  • Now just start painting! Yes I painted the white parts white. I found my foam board to have some dirty spots on it and I really wanted it to be pure white. Allow each area to dry before painting anything next to it. So for instance do both red circles and allow to dry. Then do the white areas and allow to dry. Then do the blue area.
  • You can also paint the back circle solid white if desired or leave the white foam core board by itself. After the board circles have dried, attach them to the wreath form using hot glue. Then run the ribbon around the edge using LOTS of hot glue. I found it easiest to stand the shield up on a table as shown below to do the gluing.
  • Once you have gone all the way around with the ribbon your shield is done!