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DIY Mason Jar Wall Decor

Add some rustic chic to your walls with a hanging mason jar sconce! An easy project that will make a big impact on your home’s decor. With the mason jar anchored to a wood pallet box, you can make one or many of these to display photos, flowers, or twinkle lights.
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Wood Pallet Box 14×6
  • Copper Mercury Glass Jar pint size
  • White Chalk-style Paint
  • Jar Hanger
  • Mug Hooks
  • Paint Brush
  • Artificial Flowers or Tea Lights


  • First, you want to paint your pallet boxes with white chalk-style paint. I used a dry brush and one light coat for a slightly rustic and worn look. You can add another coat on top for a more finished look if desired.
  • Set these aside and allow them to dry completely before continuing.
  • Once dry, add a mug hook to each of the pallet boxes. Just screw it in at the top where it will go into the board that runs around the outer edge. Repeat for as many of these mason jar wall sconces as you are making.
  • Add the wire hanger to your mason jar by pulling apart the ring and sliding it over the top. You will need to make sure the hanger rests under the last lip before hanging. Make sure it is completely secure before hanging!
  • Complete your wall decor by hanging the jars. Add faux flowers, cotton stems, or even some lights. Tea lights or fairy lights would work well inside these jars and add ambiance, too!