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Mason Jar Spice Drawer Organization Hack

Tired of messy, cluttered spice drawers? This is one spice organization system you need to try!
20 minutes
Author Angie Holden


  • Choose a color of chalkboard paper for the tops of my jars.
    Used a Sizzix and a circle die close to the size of the top of my jars to cut several circles from your chalkboard sheets.
    Alternative: trace the lid onto the paper and use scissors to cut out circles. You won't be able to see the cuts thanks to the lids, so any method you choose will work.
  • Fill your jars with your spices and put the lid and chalkboard circle on top. The chalkboard circles will stay in place perfectly thanks to the two-part jar lids. 
    Use your chalkboard pen and label the jars!
  • Line your spice drawer with a different color of chalkboard paper. I found that it worked best to overlap my sheets of chalkboard paper once they were cut to size. Secure with glue dots.
  • Trace your jar lids onto the chalkboard paper in the drawer to organize your jar placement.
  • Alphabetize your spices and label the circles in the drawer.
  • Add your mason jar spice jars to the drawer.