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Painting Glass Jars

Looking to add a bit of vintage flare to your house? This tutorial for painting glass jars is super easy and yields amazing results! With the classic frosted glass look, these jars are perfect for your farm house-styled home. Made in just a few simple steps, this is one of the best ideas for painting jars!
Course diy, hobby
Keyword how to paint glass jars, ideas for painting glass jars
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need

  • Mason jars in various sizes I used smooth sided jars
  • Marbling medium
  • Frosted glass paint sapphire, turquoise, and Aegean Sea craft
  • Craft sticks
  • Disposable cups
  • Cardboard
  • Black and white or colored photos


  • Mix the marbling medium with the paint in disposable cups. Mix 2 parts marbling medium to 1 part paint. This is NOT what the instructions on the bottle say to do but I find this works better for this project.
  • Stir each color well.Turn the mason jar upside down on another plastic cup. Set on cardboard or some other disposable surface as this project is super messy. Use your craft stick to drip the paint down the jars.
  • There is no method to this part of the project. You just want to get a wide variety of the colors on each jar and have complete coverage. You can pick the jar up or leave it upside down.
  • Whatever works best for you! You can also use your stir stick to push the paint around to cover any gaps.Once completely covered, turn the jar upside down and allow to dry overnight.
  • Then remove from the cup and clean up the dried paint from the top edge if needed. Painting glass jars to give them a vintage look has never been easier! Just add in your pictures and display around your home.