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Painted Pallet Mason Jar Art Craft

This painted pallet mason jar art craft is an easy and creative way for you to bring some handmade art into your home. Whether you're making this art craft for yourself or someone else, you will love how simple this painted pallet is!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 30 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes
Makes 1 painted pallet
Author Angie Holden

What You Will Need


  • Start by painting the entire surface of your pallet sign with a dark grey paint. I mixed a bit of black and white. You can use very little paint during this process and a dry brush to create a rustic finish with a bit of wood showing through. Set aside and allow to dry completely.
    painting a rustic sign with grey paint
  • You then need to print the mason jar art file that you can find here. I printed mine on the poster setting of my printer so that it took up four sheets of paper and was large enough for my sign. Then just cut away the edges with scissors and tape together to make one large piece for tracing.
    adding printed template to the sign
  • Put white transfer paper shiny side down on top of your dried sign. Add the flower mason jar print on top of this and tape everything into place. Then trace around every line with your pen.
    tracing the template to tranfer the design
  • Once complete, you can lift the paper and tracing paper to reveal that your lines have been transferred to the sign. You can also look for black tracing paper especially if you want to use this same method on say a white sign.
    template transferred to a rustic sign
  • The rest is super easy! Start filling in your lines with different colors of paint. Mix colors to create your own shades or use them straight out of the bottle. Remember that this is your painted pallet and there are no rules.
    painting design on a pallet sign
  • For the jar itself, I painted the stems first and allowed them to dry. Then I did one light teal coat over the top so it looks somewhat translucent. Paint on the label and add some script if desired.
    painted jar with hey y'all on a pallet sign
  • Once you are done painting in all of your lines, just set aside your project to dry completely. You can then add to a spring mantel for a big pop of color.
    painted pallet art on a mantel